Thursday, July 7, 2011

High on life

I'm linking up with Heather @ Some Kind of Wonderful & Christina @ My silly life today because I think they are the sweetest{& I still totally owe Heather some earrings. They are coming Heather, I promise. Just need Canada Post to go off strike...} & I have some news....happy news...and my happy news fits perfectly, beeeeecause this news just makes me 

Our whole family is excited. We just found out that we are going to be auntie & uncle{again} & that the boys will have a new cousin come next January. Yay!! At Z's last soccer game my sis n law & niece, Bri, came to watch. 
I have 12 shots of them, all like this....

They were there for about 5 minutes when I got sight of Bri's shirt. It said "this lil monkey is going to be a big sister" I think I squealed & screamed congratulations & that's when everyone else was like "wha? what's going on" and I just pointed to little Bri's shirt!! We are all thrilled to have a little baby in our lives again...what a gift! My sis n law though, is having a rough go of it. She was extremly sick the first go around...& she says it's worse this time. So please send your good karma her way:) Enjoy your Thursday!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2nd Annual Commenting Challenge

I am soooo excited to be linking up with Jenna @ Jenna's Journey for her 2nd Annual Commenting Challenge. I spotted this challenge from Kat @ Living Like the kings & I am so grateful, cuz it's exactly what I have been needing, yo

If you are here from the challenge..... Welcome to my lil Corner & thanks for stopping in. I like to vent here from time to time, but mostly I enjoy writing about & posting pictures of my 2 sweets Z & Wy


From time to time I will mention this guy


 sometimes I will talk about how challenging & rediculously fun I find our life on a day to day bases, like seriously


So enjoy, & feel free to dig around, friends!! I can't wait to go around & read  your blogs!! See you soon!! XO

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday after...

such a great weekend

Hated to see it end. But here we are....Monday. At least we have the memories to get us thru the week*sigh*. Dude, are the weekends just not that much better in the summer?! Seriously, this family is lovin life right now. Hope you all had a fab looooooong weekend:)

Happy 4th to all you beautiful americans