Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Housecleaning or boots?

I think it's official. Our cold ass weather has finally broke...it's spring baby!! There is just something about the smell of that fresh air that makes me wanna open my windows, crank the tunes, & clean!! Weirdo, I am. But it really does...I could go all winter in dust & dirt but once it's time let the sun in, then I like fresh & clean, baby!!

Speaking of cleaning, I have a lil delimina on my hands...I looked into having housecleaners come in & do a one time shot deal(sigh. doesn't weekly, or hell even monthly, housecleaning sound dreamy)...they would clean the walls, windows, a special "spring clean" deal. Sounds awesome, right? Except...I found these boots that I LOVE(love, love)...
although the ones i tried on were the lighter brown.
From Spring shoes

they cost the exact same as the cleaning, & I am only allowing myself one(gotta save...PEI beaches are soon to call my name) So, what is a girl to do?? I swear it's mama vs (wannabe)fashionesta. Help me out friends, what would you do??
Hugs & love

Sunday, March 27, 2011

twitter & a wall

I did the unthinkable. I went on twitter....I went on twitter with a purpose. I went to find out, once & for all, if Bachelor Brad & the ADORABLE Emily are still together...I hated the after rose. Totally left me weirded out. The perfect Em seemed jealous...B-rad has a temper...like what the hell, people, I don't want to hear about real life stuff, I wanted more of the fairytale. So, you can only imagine how happy I was to find out that they are in fact, still together & seem to happy, but who really knows. Obviously, I got way into this show, this time...I don't think I'll have the same problem with the bachleorette....

I have this wall in my house that is driving.me.crazzzzzzy. I have no idea how to make it work. The light switches & the thermostat ruin almost every idea I have....plus, I have 2 littles{&look after more littles}so I can't have anything{breakable} to low. I'm truly stumped. Anyone have any thoughts on how we can make this wall look pretty???

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Lots of snow here, BUTTTT it's suppose to be spring weather on Tuesday. Fingers crossed for that! 
Love & hugs

Friday, March 25, 2011

making a commitment

When I first started blogging back in October, I had know idea what I was doing. Seriously. Up until that point I was only a blog reader. That's it. Then after thinking about it for a loooong time{and coming to the realization that I literally write blog posts in my head} I decided, maybe I would try it. I certainly wasn't looking for followers{truthfully I didn't even really know what that meant}, I wasn't even sure if I wanted anyone to read my words. It was something that I would do casually for me, ya know. I know many people blog for many different reasons. I wasn't looking to try and update my family back home{actually I would freak if any of them even knew about my lil corner, here}...I wasn't looking for a journal for my children to read when they get older{although there are many posts that I plan to print out & put in their scrapbooks}...I just wanted to write. I live in city where I don't know many people & my group of friends is extremely small. I work out of home & miss, very much, the coworker converstion, & I certainly miss my girls nights out. I guess, looking back, I was defiantely looking to connect. And I have. I can not even explain to you how much I have gotten & taken out of reading your blogs....feeling not alone, is a powerful thing, & really helped me tremendously....and your comments that you all have left me have totally made me happy, excited, tearful...to feel understood has given me back alot of what I have been missing.

I lost my first follower. Sad. I actually feel really terrible & worry that is because of my lack of updates lately{now don't get me wrong I'm so not doing this for big #'s & I wouldn't want anyone here who really doesn't like at lil something about this blog. But just as in the real world, I worry that it was me...}. As I have mentioned before I'm struggling with balance in my life & where everything I want/need is suppose to fit into what everyone else wants & needs. Sigh. It's a continuing learning process, I tell ya, but I'm working on it. Within this balance there's blogging. Since I thought it would be just a casual thing, I didn't really consider when, or how often I would blog. Or how that would even fit in to my life. I'm the kinda girl that has alot of things on the go at once, & {shamefully}don't always finish each task, but always soak up what I do accomplish. Anyways, I'm making commitment. I'm going to blog at the minimum 3 times a week. I talked with D & we both feel that is something totally workable. So, yeah!!! I have so many {fun}ideas for this lil blog & I really want to put them in place. ...

Thank you to all of you who read my blog:) I really do appreciate the time you given me & I am excited to venture into this blogsphere deeper!  I can't wait to get caught up with all your blogs & start leaving comments. So watch out people, I'm coming!

But anyways, here are a few things that have been keeping me busy happy lately...
I can not stop making these. Addicted.

I have been trying to eat healthier. My solution making soup, & soup & more soup.
My freezer couldn't be happier

This lil 2yearold personality has peeked. Oh man, my sweet lil baby
turned lil devil. Even still. We love every inch of him:)

Z & I can't stop baking. It's so fun & he is getting so good at it.
Memories. Gotta love making memories{&tasty ones are the best!}
Happy weekend, bloggy friends!! Love & hugs 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

hump day

I have had to, seriously, keep myself away from the computer in fear that I would write a whole post on the finale of the bachelor. Please. I have refrained, I think, so maybe I will just write a little blurb about it....no, no I wont do that to you.... Let's just say that I was pumped that Emily *won*, but sad that it looks like she didn't find happiness. Or maybe she did. Who knows with that crazy editing. Grrrr!!! Will I watch next season of the bachelorette? No, I wont. Or maybe I will. Who know's.....lol, me & my reality tv show love/hate relationship.

D has a birthday this week. Z can't wait to make the cake, he has bugged asked me everyday for the last 2 weeks. It has become a lil tradition for him & I to bake a cake for whoever's bday it is. He loves it, & so do I. I ran out last night to grab all our "supplies" & I seriously can't wait for him to wake up & show him all the goodies I found. It's funny to think that this is the same lil man that use to sit in his bouncy chair watching me bake & now he is the one cracking the eggs & measuring the milk. Wow. It's a lil scary for me how fast my kids are growing. So scary.

I had a pretty major melt down on Saturday. Me & my stupid anxiety. Got the best of me. It was a pretty big wakeup call that I really need to start focusing on some sort of balance for myself. sigh. Self care, baby...must start paying more attention to myself...there are days where I honestly could not tell you if I had a glass of water all day...sometimes I eat, sometimes I don't.... there have been some evening when I am sitting down for supper & I will ask myself 'did i pee today'??? Oh yeah, I did, once, in the morning....seriously, it can be that bad sometimes. My anxiety was much easier for me to deal with, before the boys. When I had time to breath & meditate & really concentrate on what  "my thoughts" were & what anxiety thoughts were. Like any major melt down I have had, I have picked up the pieces & it's onward & forward, baby! I'm a stubborn Irish girl, & I'm ashamed to admit that it takes something like Saturday to happen, before I am willing to take action. I'm a work in progress, friends....

On Sunday we celebrated Springing forward with a fire in the backyard. It was kinda makeshift but man, did it taste good. I had no idea how much the cold snap was bumming us out, until it was done. The nicer weather & later evenings have made my whole family HAPPY CAMPERS!!

So there it is peeps, some of the thoughts going on in my head these days. I'm thinking of doing another vlog(yay or nay?) in the near future. At first I was thinking of doing an "ask whatever question" but on the advice of one of my gf's  am thinking of doing a "hot topic" vlog. My thoughts about whatevs....i'm thinking that could be fun, but we'll have to see, I guess...
Love & hugs

Friday, March 11, 2011

tired friday night

Hey peeps! It's been one of those crazy kind of weeks. Nothing really exciting or anything, just stinkin busy. No time for the momma. Sigh. How I would love to figure out this "balancing" thing soon. Sigh(again). So here's at lil of what's been happening this week.
The lovely Ashley @ Eisy Morgan hosted a faboulous giveaway with a lovely $25 gift cert to the CSN stores!! Lucky #59 won, & that was me!! Woot woot!! However, the very best part of this story, is the fact that this little giveaway introduced me to Ashley, & I kinda bloggy love her. Seriously, this chick is so cool. Don't believe me, please, check out her vlog. That's right, told ya! Now I'm trying desperately to pick something out~there is so much, that site is packed with great stuff.

On Monday I had a new{er}friend over for coffee & playdate. This is what she brought over for us to inhale enjoy with our coffee. Hello!! She brought pie. Not only that...she is an amazing women, and we have the same humor. I am so excited for new friends. So excited:)

I love the fact that Wy's  favorite new past time is helping me clean. Seriously, this kid follows me around every where with a little spray bottle & a paper towel wanting to clean. As cute as it is{& it is very cute} there are times when I have to refrain from screaming saying "go be a kid. go play. please, please, go. play". Lol

We gave a central vac, but it's a lil too heavy for him. So grandma brought him this one. Seriously.
The winner of my DIY earring giveaway was Heather over at Some Kind of Wonderful. I'm so excited. I think she is a fabulous women, mother, blogger. So, yay!! I'm thinking when I hit 100 followers.  I will do another, & more exciting giveaway!! can I just take a moment to say thank you to all of you who read my blog. You have no idea how much it means to me. For reals. I shake my head in disbelief at 87, but yet could not be more excited about it.
Alright, I'm about to make myself some hot coco & catch up on my PVR shows. I'm thinking I'm going to post a few times over the weekend to make up for my lack of this week. So, of course, you will want to stay tuned for that. Lol!
 love & hugs, friends

Sunday, March 6, 2011

abc's of me

I have seen this a done a few times & Jamie had done one yesterday...Soooo, I  decided today is the the day I want to share mine....here we go, here we go, here we go now

A-Age: 33

B-Bed size: Queen

C-Chore you hate: I really hate the "extra" chores, as I call them. Like, cleaning out the fridge, the toilets,  etc.

D-Dogs: we don't have dogs right now, but everyday my 4yr old asks when is his puppy coming...I had a lab growing up, & loved her:)

E-Essential start to your day: COFFEE

F-Favorite Color:  Purple. Always & forever purple.
purple boots

Download DSC01397.JPG (1287.2 KB) 

G-Gold or Silver: silver. Although, I love white gold & platinum

H-Height: 5'2 &half

I-Instruments you play: zero musical talent. However, the hubs can play damn near anything. ... I figure he has enough talent for both of us!

J-Job title: mommy/dayhome mommy

K-Kids: 2 boys. 4 & 2

L-Live: Canada. Damn cold, Canada


M-My mom's name: Marlene

N-Nickname: Sher, sherbear, momma

O-Overnight hospital stay: many.... 2 c-sections. gallbladder. appendix. tonsils.

P-Pet Peeve: driving on the deerfoot

Q-Quote from a movie: I quote movies alot, but mostly recently I quoted one from EAT.PRAY.LOVE
"Having a baby is like getting a tattoo on your face. You really need to be certain it's what you want before you commit." 

"As smoking is to the lungs, so is resentment to the soul; even one puff is bad for you."

R-Right/Lefty: righty

S-Siblinglil brother

T-Time you wake up: early. too early.
U-Underwear: yes. lol
V-Veggies you dislike: cauliflower

W-What makes you run late: my kids & my hubby. and my hair & make-up, sometimes

X-Xrays you've had: lots. most recently teeth x-rays

Y-Yummy food you make: everything I make is yummy. damnit. LOL!! I'm told that I make "killer lasagna" & "very yummy" ice cream cake. 

Z-Zoo animal: One thing my city has is an AWESOME zoo. I love all the animals, but get most excited to see the elephants. And I could watch the APES for days on end. ...they are definitely the most fascinating to watch

Z feeding a giraffe @ the zoo
If you have a moment today... 
Happy Sunday beautiful bloggy friends!!! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011


No more blog hiding for me!! Enjoy...feel free to make fun, I know I sure had a laugh:) Would love to know if you think I say anything ubber weird. Also, I don't know if you can tell in the video but I am wearing a practice pair of earrings, from my giveaway...I have to say, I'm kinda loving them! Happy Thursday (& almost FRIDAY), friends!xo

Okay so that was Shay @ Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt....Megan from Mackey Madness & Mallori from Aiukli, they are all fanfreakintastic, please check them out if you haven't already:)
And case you guys want to play along too, here are the words & the questions!! Fun, fun!!

Words you must say:
aunt, route, wash, oil, theater, iron, salmon, caramel, fire, water, sure, data, ruin, crayon, toilet, New Orleans, pecan, both, again, probably, spitting image, Alabama, lawyer, coupon, mayonnaise, syrup, pajamas, caught

Then answer these questions:
What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?