Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Moo

1.) How Long have you been blogging and How Long do you stay on the computer per day? I dipped my toes in bloggy world last October...I had originally called my blog faith or fear but soon realized that I wanted to change how I was blogging & what I was blogging about, so in January I re-named it Mommy's lil Corner & it has been a huge part of my life ever since. 
I don't get very long, if any time at all...sometimes I have choose sleep over  computer time, & thanks okay by me:)

2.) Do you schedule your posts and/or keep a bunch of posts in drafts? ( I talk about this in our upcoming e-course.) Oooohhh how I would love to be that organized. Never. No

3.) Do you make money off your blog? If so, tell us how {via sponsors, monetizing}-Share your success. If not, tell us if you'd like to and what you need from us to help you. {We discuss sponsorship in our e-course as well}. Not a penny:)


Sunday, June 26, 2011

couple deeeeep thoughts

I have written before about my sheltered childhood. It has come to haunt yet again, like a lil sheltered ghost in my marriage. Now, not to say things aren't good with D & I, because they are, most of the time. It's just....marriage is not what i expected. It's not easy. Shit.  I don't know if I expected it to be's more that i didn't know what to expect. My parents are married...celebrated their 35th this year... are they happy? good question. They have had their issues, even though they tried desperately to hide them...i know, they had their issues. But they didn't share any of that with me. They made it seem so easy. You meet someone. You start a family. They take care of you. I never took into account that during the marriage, we are still two seperate people, growing, changing, whatever...a marriage is still 2 seperate people...trying to live together, be each others support while still trying figure your own self out....if that isn't tricky enough, throw in The boys. We are parents first & we have very few issues there. We parent well together. I feel extremely blessed to have him as my sons father. I would honestly not trade him in for another parent. ever. When it comes to parenting, he is my rock.

Have you ever had someone tell you that you need to let, the expectation of what you wanted a person to be, go? I have. Once when I opened up to someone about my mother & they very kindly & very gently told me that I need to let the idea of what i thought my mother should be, or even who i thought she could be, go & begin to accpect her for her. Ocd & all. I got goosebumps when she told me this. I knew she was right. I started working on it in that moment. Of letting go. It has been a proccess  is still in progess...and will always be, a little bit, anyways. I'm still working on the hurt I feel, & grieving opportunities that I missed out on, when I had no control over it. But. It's much much better. And because of it. I am a happier person......I'm realizing I need to do the same with D. Letting go the husband i thought he should be, or the husband i feel could be, & just start accepting him as the husband he is. Because I do love him. As is.

 Last night D, the boys & I went to a bbq @ a new friends place. Her, the kids & I have hung out a few times, but last night was the first night we hung out as families. It was lovely. We all had a delicious, fun time. At one point all the boys {her 3 & my  2} were on the trampoline. The daddy's were outside watching & Shan & I were on her patio having a couple glass of wine. When I noticed that D was letting our boys wrestle on the trampoline which is a huge no no for me. It always ends in disaster. I yelled at him to make them stop & he just waved me off. I looked at Shan & rolled my eyes a nasty habit of mine since I was 2,supposedly & I said something along the lines of when is he going to learn that the situation is going to end in a disaster.

 She smiled & agreed with me but never said anything. Later & another glass of wine we started talking marriage. I telling her that we just celebrated our 3rd anniversary & i made kinda snarky remark about us getting to 9 years {which her & her husband are celebrating in a couple of weeks}. She told me that one thing she learned within the first five years of her marriage with P, her hubs, was that  he is his own person. And she wouldn't challenge that. I asked her what she meant & she said...well, like when D was watching the boys on the trampoline. You don't like that they wrestle, probably because it makes you feel a little out of control with the situation{BAM}. But it doesn't make D feel out of control...he's cool with it. Moral of the story when you are watching them you don't let them wrestle, when D is watching them he decides what the boundaries our. Interesting right. She defiantly gave me something to think about. And honestly, I really respect her for saying that too me. I didn't feel like she was judging me at all, just offering some wifey advice. Mucho respect for me knew friend. Can't wait for more wine bbq's. What are your thoughts on Shan said? Agree? Not so much?? Curious:)

Friday, June 17, 2011

let's get freaky...

 Cuz it's Friiiiiday!!! I have been wanting to link up with Lauren at the little things we do for awhile now. So I am so excited to link up today!! My very first 

The last movie I saw was  This is odd, but it was  Hendricks Motorsport Story. I loved it, but it so doesn't reprsent my movie tastes at all. So, the movie before that one, that i watched, was Black Swan. Wild. I liked it, but i can't say i loved it...too many unanswered questions for this chickee.

2.  I want to  party like its 1999.... or just have a drink with the hubs tonight by the fire!

3.  Surprises are  the best form of my anxiety! I love em, but I need to figure them out first! Lol!! But me love  giving surprises!

4.  The best accessory is a wicked bag & killer earrings!

5.  My favorite warm drink is  my first cup of coffee. Every morning

6.  My favorite cold drink is   pepsi. Bad i know...

7.  Currently loving  This article i just finsished reading about the amazing people in Vancouver that came together to clean up that awesome city.  Ugh. That riot  is a disgrace & does not represent the people of Vancouver or Canadian hockey fans, at all. I kinda wish that game, just never happened.... Opps, i'm suppose to talk about what i love...the ariticle, I do love!! Also loving that it's FRIDAY!!!!!!

Hugs & Love

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Friends!!  I'm back from my lil bloggy vacay. Sorry 'bout that. But I am back feeling inspired & refreshed, so that's a good thing, no? Life has been busy, as it is for everyone, I know. It's funny though, it's the good kind of busy. Everything is just sweeter in the summer. Although the weather has been kinda sheety it still stays light out until almost 11, & I looooove that!!

I have a post coming about the new bachelorette, surprise surprise. But it's not so much about the show but about women in general. And even more excitingly{does that sound right?} I have a post that includes some fab new blogs that I have been obsessed  super enjoying!! 

I just wanted to touch base with you gorgeous people to say thank you for sticking with me {and even gaining a couple new followers!! Amazing!! and I'm heading to your blogs this weekend...can't wait!!} while I have been having a bit of the bloggy blues.  I have some new ideas for my blog that I am putting in place in the very near future....I'm going to be doing some more vlogs & getting back into the swing of things at FTLOB, & lot more personal posts, so get ready to get to know me alot better!! Hope ya can handle it!

Let's catch up...

It's official. I'm a soccer mom & I love it!! I have secretly wanted to be a soccer mom for years but would always join in on making fun of the  cheesiest lamness of being a soccer mom{that's right, cheese & lame...that's bad}. 

I'm loving it!! There is just something thrilling about cheering on your child! Plus, bedtime is never easier then after soccer...score for mommy & daddy!

Maybe even more excitingly{!!} Z had his kindergarten orientation last week! How crazy is that?!  And get this, I got a lil teary eyed. I'm in serious trouble for the first day of kindergarten. Serious trouble, friends. What can I say, I just can't believe it...and I can't help feeling it's kinda the beginning of the end. Dark I know. But I have a couple of months to work on it!!

We went on a lil family vacation to Canmore....a little mountain town about an hour away from the city. It's beautiful. Actually, it's where D & I got married. We had a fantastic time & are feeling really excited about our boys being old enough to do some mountain exploring this summer. With having a maritimer mommy & a prairie boy daddy, needless to say, we will be learning the mountains for the first time together. Exciting!!

yup! Z was at our wedding:)
Well, I have to feels good to be back!! I can't wait to get around to all of your blogs & catch up! I'm doing some serious cleaning in google reader, as I have just realized that I'm not getting update feeds & missing out on some great posts, and well, I HATE that!!
Hugs & Love

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hey friends

blogging slump anyone?? I have resorted back to my ole bloggy ways of just being a blog reader. Nothing else. I have been in such a writing funk, that I haven't even been leaving comments.sorry. But dude, I have been reading some new ahhhhhmazing blogs. You know the feeling when you start to read a new blog for the first time & you just don't wanna stop? I love me, that feeling. Perhaps tomorrow's post will include a little diddy about some new great reads...

I have been struggling with what I want with this blog to be. When I first started blogging I called this blog faith or fear & I was trying to write some posts on the not so wonderful stories of my wonderful life. I wanted to be open & real with people. I have always been the kind of person who hides her truths and I wanted this blog to be my truth. Now, I had no clue how to blog or even what blogging really meant. I didn't know about blog hops or that a community like FTLOB even existed. I was just gonna write & if someone wanted to read that would be amazing, but if not then I was still gonna write. I got myself an entracard & i'm pretty sure at the beginning the only  people reading my blog where people who hit it up thru entracard{are any of you still here?:)}. Then I posted a comment on Frecks blog, she came & visited my blog & introduced me to a whole new world of writing & connecting with people. I started to focus more on the Mommy stories of my life, changed my blog name, & made some real connections with people. Within the connecting with people, I kinda lost my courage to write my not so wonderful stories & found myself writing posts that I thought other people may enjoy, & not necessarily what I wanted to be writing. Is this making sense? Anyways, the point I am trying to make here is that I am going to go back to what I originally wanted this blog to be...while still keeping it the way it is. I am going to start to include more posts like this one while still writing about my everyday mommy adventures. Sound good?

Just a huge thank you to my readers. You guys are amazing for sticking with me:) You all have given me the  confidence I have always lacked. I'm so grateful for all of you & am honestly inspired by the creativity you all have. Happy Thursday, beautiful friends. xo my playlist back.yay!