Tuesday, May 24, 2011

remember survivor?

Boston Rob won it peeps. HELL YA.  He is in fact the ultimate survivor. I knew it alllll along. From the very first moment him & AmBer made their very first pact. I was rooting for him in that finale too, but he did one better & proposed to the chick who was just minutes away from pocketing his million. Brillant. I was happy that AmBer won. She played smart. But not as smart as Rob...yeah, he should have won it then. But hey, he married the chick, & went on to a great many things. I know I didn't lose much sleep worry about Boston Robby.

This season was nothing to write home about... le snooze.... They tried to change it up a bit with Redemption Island but the only way that would have been exciting is if Matty came back & won the whole damn thing. But he didn't. So Redemption Island was kinda  waste of space, if ya ask me. Of course, there was the Russel sob-story emlimination, but I think he's a tool so the way his role played out this season, just made me laugh. Such a tool. It was pretty clear that Rob had the whole thing won when he won the final immunity challenge. I mean, if he didn't win this time around, then this show would only be proving that it's shit. I don't know about you, but it gets kinda sickening after a while to watch people ride other people's coattails & win a million dollers!! Or to have some weird following that keeps voting you thru week & after week when there is clearly other people better then you {that's right Scotty, I talking bout you}. I mean who is this following. Tell me. please.

I still can't believe that the show gets 3 hours for finale night. Really? Once we found out that the bostonattor was the ultimate survivor the show was done. The only mildly exciting thing to happen was when Probst practically asked AmBer to leave because the kiddos were a little loud. Niiiiice. There was a chat with Russel which he lamely went back on his word to "never play the game again". Tool. Other then the feeling of being justified with all my hours of survivor watching with knowing that the best player in the game finally won, I was left with that empty hollow feeling of what next. I mean, the show is done, right? They can't go on without Rob. Wouldn't you love to have been a fly on the wall when AmBer confronted Rob about the 20year olds calling him superman. That's funny stuff. I can grantee you she was not happy. That stuff goes right to their heads:)

Friday, May 20, 2011

When seasons change

Today I am Joining in with  gypsy mama for

She says.... Got five minutes? Let’s write. Let’s write in shades of real and brave and unscripted. Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not. Today's prompt is

When seasons change


I stood staring at my closet. Winter coats. There's at least 20 of them. What will I do with them? Where will they go? It's funny as I look at them I think of all the cold winter months that they tried to keep us warm. Did they do their job? Not really, but it would have made -40 degree weather, much much worse. No, the coats stay here. They will not be coming with us. I will find the number for the sally anne & let them know that we have winter coats....they can have all our winter coats. Then I notice the 10 pairs of rubber boots, rain jackets, & umbrella's. What about them, stay or go? Okay, they may not have winter but surely they have spring, right? Rain? I think of all the puddles my boys have jumped in, how they search them out...okay right...the boots & rain jackets they are coming with us. Then I notice the pile of summer clothes on the bed. It's a small pile...and I notice only 2 bathing suits, I'm going to have to hit up the mall for more. They told me to pack a minimum of 7 bath suits, one for each day of the week. I'm in trouble there. There is one box clothes already packed. They hold our beloved sweaters, sweat pants, and more sweaters{I call sweaters with a hood, a hoodie}. As I look at them I can hear my hubby's voice saying "if you buy one more hoodie...i mean how many hoodies can one person own?" Alot. Is the answer. I love my hoodies. Doesn't matter the season, a hoodie always works.
Hope you all enjoy the looooooong weekend. We actually have plans & will be roadtripping to the mountains for the weekend. So excited. Hope you all have some fun plans. Hugs & love

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Maybe you don't know this. Maybe you do. But I'm kinda a weird one. Like when, I use to ride transit, which was everyday for 5 years, I had this crazy urge...the kind where you need to have a lil conversation in your head telling yourself not to to this. What would it prove anyways...besides making you look like a crazy person. Oh yeah, my urge was to stand up & just start screaming. What would people do?? Would they run...would they be scared....would they laugh. The not knowing just made me want to do it that much more....told ya, I'm a weird one. 
My newest urge is air punching. Everytime someone says something I don't like I punch the air. Not really an urge I guess, seeing as I am actually doing it. But, it's driving my laid back hubby crazy. He's a non fan of the air punch....I think it's more the look on my face when I am doing it...I mean what is there about a scrunched up, F-U face to not like, but whatevs...I think the other day when I air punched because a woman butted in front of me at Superstore, crossed the line for him. He said that someone noticed & laughed. This horrified him, & I loved it. Weird, right?

OH BUT, my hubby & I are polar opposites. POLAR.OPPOSITES. It's true. I'm the wound up, social butterfly one, & he is the cool as a cucumber let me just blend into the wall, one. For us, that works. There is no way I could be with someone like me. It would be a bad scene for sure. Every time D & I agree on something, or we see something the same way, we high-five each other, cause seriously it rarely happens. We just see the world differently. I remember in our vows to each other he said that I have helped him to see the world in grey instead of just in black & white...I thought that was the biggest compliment ever. I said something about how he grounds me & he called me out on it later...he said that there is no grounding to me I'm just a free spirit & he likes it that way. See, it works. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

green roses

This morning was perfect. Nice, quiet & involved lots of coffee. The boys were out "getting a couple of things". I was reflecting(not really, I was reading blogs) when Z rang the door bell. I ran to the door & he was holding flowers..." Happy Mothers day" they screamed. I was beaming. The boys were beaming. D was laughing. I looked at him, questioning the laughter. He gave me his head hod that told me I would soon find out the joke. Once I peeled back the flower paper I saw them. 12 perfect green roses. Green Roses!?! Yup. I guess there were this pretty pink roses, that D wanted to get, by Z insisted that I have the green ones "those are the ones she wants Dad, trust me".  I hugged my boys & told them that I loved them. Told them the flowers were perfect. I went into the kitchen to grab a vase & water. Z followed me...."mommy. those roses are not really green.. in the inside they are yellow. just like you". Wow...tears now. I looked over at them & he was right. They were a beautiful yellow in the inside. My sons. I am so lucky.

Hope all you beautiful bloggy mommies had a wonderful day!xo