Sunday, October 30, 2011

35 seems pretty old

Ugh. I have a birthday coming up. A mid life one...the big 3 5.....even though I still like to think I don't look a day older then 30!! I don't, right?! 
viaAnyways, I'm not really enjoying the whole build up to the birthday, thing. Remember when we were 17 & 35 seemed pretty old. I was sure, like surrrre that I would have my shiznat figured out. But I don't, like not at all, maybe...I mean, yes I have the family I always dreamed of....a house & neighborhood that I like....but, I still think about what I want to be when I grow up. I'm not enjoying the feeling of, I'm too old to do anything about it. I mean yes, I could go back to school, but there is NO CHANCE in HELL that I would want a student loan again, I mean I just finished paying off my student loan from 15 years ago....and if we payed for it, it would make our life alot more money tight then it is now & I don't really feel its fair to do that to the rest of my family.
And then there is where I live. It's a big  kind of a bone of contention in my marriage actually. I don't want to live in this city anymore. I'm not a city girl, like I thought I was. At least not this big of a city. I want to move home. Back to my little Island & raise my boys there.  I think about it all the time way too often. What it would be like to have my parents close be able to get to know my gorgeous have a support network at my fingertips. To live somewhere, where traffic is laughable, I mean there is no traffic. It doesn't take 2 damn hours to do a small errand. I want to move back.'s not that simple. My husband has a really good job here...he can not imagine what it would be like to move that far east. He's not really willing...So, here is where we stay. Sucky.

I don't know. The whole birthday thing has gotten me thinking about who I want to be for the next 35+ years. I mean, I know who I have been & I am working on accepting that person. And now I feel I have this opportunity as a mother, as a women, to be some one different. I have a idea now of life & I since having kids I sure don't take it for granted. I feel different then the person I was 10 years different. I mean, talk about maturing in the last ten years, I did that. Now, it's time for me to shine...I just feel it:)
We are all excited about Halloween tomorrow!! I wish it was today though, since it is so beautiful outside, but it will fun regardless of the weather. Z is being a ninga & wy is a purple but he thinks he is barney{you know, that purlple singing dinosaur} so we are going with that!! I love my kids!!

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Jodi said...

My next bday is for 35 too. Ugh! I still feel like a teenager half the time so 35 sounds old. HA! But it is just a number and bdays are a great chance to be spoiled a little.