Sunday, May 8, 2011

green roses

This morning was perfect. Nice, quiet & involved lots of coffee. The boys were out "getting a couple of things". I was reflecting(not really, I was reading blogs) when Z rang the door bell. I ran to the door & he was holding flowers..." Happy Mothers day" they screamed. I was beaming. The boys were beaming. D was laughing. I looked at him, questioning the laughter. He gave me his head hod that told me I would soon find out the joke. Once I peeled back the flower paper I saw them. 12 perfect green roses. Green Roses!?! Yup. I guess there were this pretty pink roses, that D wanted to get, by Z insisted that I have the green ones "those are the ones she wants Dad, trust me".  I hugged my boys & told them that I loved them. Told them the flowers were perfect. I went into the kitchen to grab a vase & water. Z followed me...."mommy. those roses are not really green.. in the inside they are yellow. just like you". Wow...tears now. I looked over at them & he was right. They were a beautiful yellow in the inside. My sons. I am so lucky.

Hope all you beautiful bloggy mommies had a wonderful day!xo


Ashley said...

Awww that is so sweet! I'm glad you had a nice day! XO

TexaGermaNadian said...

aw, love it!! What a sweetie. So glad you had a great day :)

Ixy said...

Those roses are very cool - what a wonderful present from your little ones!

Thanks for visiting my blog :)