Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Maybe you don't know this. Maybe you do. But I'm kinda a weird one. Like when, I use to ride transit, which was everyday for 5 years, I had this crazy urge...the kind where you need to have a lil conversation in your head telling yourself not to to this. What would it prove anyways...besides making you look like a crazy person. Oh yeah, my urge was to stand up & just start screaming. What would people do?? Would they run...would they be scared....would they laugh. The not knowing just made me want to do it that much more....told ya, I'm a weird one. 
My newest urge is air punching. Everytime someone says something I don't like I punch the air. Not really an urge I guess, seeing as I am actually doing it. But, it's driving my laid back hubby crazy. He's a non fan of the air punch....I think it's more the look on my face when I am doing it...I mean what is there about a scrunched up, F-U face to not like, but whatevs...I think the other day when I air punched because a woman butted in front of me at Superstore, crossed the line for him. He said that someone noticed & laughed. This horrified him, & I loved it. Weird, right?

OH BUT, my hubby & I are polar opposites. POLAR.OPPOSITES. It's true. I'm the wound up, social butterfly one, & he is the cool as a cucumber let me just blend into the wall, one. For us, that works. There is no way I could be with someone like me. It would be a bad scene for sure. Every time D & I agree on something, or we see something the same way, we high-five each other, cause seriously it rarely happens. We just see the world differently. I remember in our vows to each other he said that I have helped him to see the world in grey instead of just in black & white...I thought that was the biggest compliment ever. I said something about how he grounds me & he called me out on it later...he said that there is no grounding to me I'm just a free spirit & he likes it that way. See, it works. 


We Heart Shops said...

i think me and bryan are the same way:) i always want to be the socialite and he's a, well ...pooper..:) cute pic!

PS: it's me Vic:) from Frecks...I just realized i'm on we heart shops:) enjoy the day pretty

BigMike said...

I gota ask, Are you doing a quick forward 'Tae Bo' jab, a short 'Muhammad Ali' upper cut, or an old fashion over the head 'Mr Wilson' fist shake of anger?

Shalyn said...

You are so funny. I would love to know what would happen if you randomly screamed. Definitely go for the fist bump:-)

Ashley said...

I LOVE your description of your marriage! I want to see the air punch. :)