Sunday, March 27, 2011

twitter & a wall

I did the unthinkable. I went on twitter....I went on twitter with a purpose. I went to find out, once & for all, if Bachelor Brad & the ADORABLE Emily are still together...I hated the after rose. Totally left me weirded out. The perfect Em seemed jealous...B-rad has a what the hell, people, I don't want to hear about real life stuff, I wanted more of the fairytale. So, you can only imagine how happy I was to find out that they are in fact, still together & seem to happy, but who really knows. Obviously, I got way into this show, this time...I don't think I'll have the same problem with the bachleorette....

I have this wall in my house that is I have no idea how to make it work. The light switches & the thermostat ruin almost every idea I, I have 2 littles{&look after more littles}so I can't have anything{breakable} to low. I'm truly stumped. Anyone have any thoughts on how we can make this wall look pretty???

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Lots of snow here, BUTTTT it's suppose to be spring weather on Tuesday. Fingers crossed for that! 
Love & hugs


Shalyn said...

Your hilarious. I agree- if they are going to be fake during the show they better be fake after! What do they think we watch it for?! ha! Yay for Twitter- I am working on setting mine up...slowly

Jodi said...

seriously whoever made that wall is crazy! couldn't they have organized it a bit better and not put the thermostat smack in the center! ha!

How about one of those thin shelves and the place frames on it and maybe hide the thermostat with a frame?