Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Housecleaning or boots?

I think it's official. Our cold ass weather has finally broke...it's spring baby!! There is just something about the smell of that fresh air that makes me wanna open my windows, crank the tunes, & clean!! Weirdo, I am. But it really does...I could go all winter in dust & dirt but once it's time let the sun in, then I like fresh & clean, baby!!

Speaking of cleaning, I have a lil delimina on my hands...I looked into having housecleaners come in & do a one time shot deal(sigh. doesn't weekly, or hell even monthly, housecleaning sound dreamy)...they would clean the walls, windows, a special "spring clean" deal. Sounds awesome, right? Except...I found these boots that I LOVE(love, love)...
although the ones i tried on were the lighter brown.
From Spring shoes

they cost the exact same as the cleaning, & I am only allowing myself one(gotta save...PEI beaches are soon to call my name) So, what is a girl to do?? I swear it's mama vs (wannabe)fashionesta. Help me out friends, what would you do??
Hugs & love

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