Wednesday, March 16, 2011

hump day

I have had to, seriously, keep myself away from the computer in fear that I would write a whole post on the finale of the bachelor. Please. I have refrained, I think, so maybe I will just write a little blurb about, no I wont do that to you.... Let's just say that I was pumped that Emily *won*, but sad that it looks like she didn't find happiness. Or maybe she did. Who knows with that crazy editing. Grrrr!!! Will I watch next season of the bachelorette? No, I wont. Or maybe I will. Who know', me & my reality tv show love/hate relationship.

D has a birthday this week. Z can't wait to make the cake, he has bugged asked me everyday for the last 2 weeks. It has become a lil tradition for him & I to bake a cake for whoever's bday it is. He loves it, & so do I. I ran out last night to grab all our "supplies" & I seriously can't wait for him to wake up & show him all the goodies I found. It's funny to think that this is the same lil man that use to sit in his bouncy chair watching me bake & now he is the one cracking the eggs & measuring the milk. Wow. It's a lil scary for me how fast my kids are growing. So scary.

I had a pretty major melt down on Saturday. Me & my stupid anxiety. Got the best of me. It was a pretty big wakeup call that I really need to start focusing on some sort of balance for myself. sigh. Self care, baby...must start paying more attention to myself...there are days where I honestly could not tell you if I had a glass of water all day...sometimes I eat, sometimes I don't.... there have been some evening when I am sitting down for supper & I will ask myself 'did i pee today'??? Oh yeah, I did, once, in the morning....seriously, it can be that bad sometimes. My anxiety was much easier for me to deal with, before the boys. When I had time to breath & meditate & really concentrate on what  "my thoughts" were & what anxiety thoughts were. Like any major melt down I have had, I have picked up the pieces & it's onward & forward, baby! I'm a stubborn Irish girl, & I'm ashamed to admit that it takes something like Saturday to happen, before I am willing to take action. I'm a work in progress, friends....

On Sunday we celebrated Springing forward with a fire in the backyard. It was kinda makeshift but man, did it taste good. I had no idea how much the cold snap was bumming us out, until it was done. The nicer weather & later evenings have made my whole family HAPPY CAMPERS!!

So there it is peeps, some of the thoughts going on in my head these days. I'm thinking of doing another vlog(yay or nay?) in the near future. At first I was thinking of doing an "ask whatever question" but on the advice of one of my gf's  am thinking of doing a "hot topic" vlog. My thoughts about whatevs....i'm thinking that could be fun, but we'll have to see, I guess...
Love & hugs


Ashley said...

Yay to the Vlog:) I was happy/mad/sad about the Bachelor too..they seemed so weird together on the after show..?? Anyways, who is the new Bachelorette?
Also I love your vulnerability, sounds like you are ridiculously busy! Anyways your openness is so beautiful cause I know I have felt like this so many time..I also love this song in the background that is repeating.."All we can do is keep breathing" and sometimes, that is enough!
Thanks for sharing!

CCH said...

i felt the SAME way about the bachelor ;/!!!

Megan said...

oh girlfriend, i feel ya on the anxiety front. it is hard to manage. i get it too. some days are worse then others..always. im able to identify the different between anxiety thoughts and rational ones though..25 years that is a start.

sending hugs your way!

Megan said...

I felt the same way about Brad and Emily! I really hope they make it!!

Hope you start feeling better soon!

Madeline said...

Hi Sherri thanks for stopping by my blog. Camping looks like a lot of fun! We live in the city so we're seldom able to do that. Enjoy your family time =)

Tales of a Hockey Wife said...

Stopping by from the FTLOB weekend wander.

My kids have been bugging me for a firepit/smores night all winter. Now that the weather has warmed (a bit) might be a good call!


Debbie said...

Hopping over from FTLOB weekend wander. Anxiety s horrible and I think women have the hardest time with it - there is so much responsiblity on our shoulders. About the bachelor - I hate the after the rose ceremony show. You get all happy that they are so much in love - them BAM, a few minutes later you find out what has happened.(At least wait a week and let us all bask in the lovelies of two people falling in love)

Katie said...

Isn't it strange that in life the easiest thing should be us living for ourselves and not others. For someone what is considered 'our life' gets put on the back burner and we spend our days making sure all around us is good and we forget about us. I'm sorry to hear about your bump in the road, but it's time you focus on you my friend :)

I'm proud of you! xoxo
PS. I want to see a picture of your with your circle scarf!! :

-Mallori said...


I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment on my blog! The beach was definitely beautiful! I also want to apologize for taking so long to reply, things got super crazy with my school life once I returned from spring break.

Have a great rest of your Thursday!