Thursday, June 16, 2011


Friends!!  I'm back from my lil bloggy vacay. Sorry 'bout that. But I am back feeling inspired & refreshed, so that's a good thing, no? Life has been busy, as it is for everyone, I know. It's funny though, it's the good kind of busy. Everything is just sweeter in the summer. Although the weather has been kinda sheety it still stays light out until almost 11, & I looooove that!!

I have a post coming about the new bachelorette, surprise surprise. But it's not so much about the show but about women in general. And even more excitingly{does that sound right?} I have a post that includes some fab new blogs that I have been obsessed  super enjoying!! 

I just wanted to touch base with you gorgeous people to say thank you for sticking with me {and even gaining a couple new followers!! Amazing!! and I'm heading to your blogs this weekend...can't wait!!} while I have been having a bit of the bloggy blues.  I have some new ideas for my blog that I am putting in place in the very near future....I'm going to be doing some more vlogs & getting back into the swing of things at FTLOB, & lot more personal posts, so get ready to get to know me alot better!! Hope ya can handle it!

Let's catch up...

It's official. I'm a soccer mom & I love it!! I have secretly wanted to be a soccer mom for years but would always join in on making fun of the  cheesiest lamness of being a soccer mom{that's right, cheese & lame...that's bad}. 

I'm loving it!! There is just something thrilling about cheering on your child! Plus, bedtime is never easier then after soccer...score for mommy & daddy!

Maybe even more excitingly{!!} Z had his kindergarten orientation last week! How crazy is that?!  And get this, I got a lil teary eyed. I'm in serious trouble for the first day of kindergarten. Serious trouble, friends. What can I say, I just can't believe it...and I can't help feeling it's kinda the beginning of the end. Dark I know. But I have a couple of months to work on it!!

We went on a lil family vacation to Canmore....a little mountain town about an hour away from the city. It's beautiful. Actually, it's where D & I got married. We had a fantastic time & are feeling really excited about our boys being old enough to do some mountain exploring this summer. With having a maritimer mommy & a prairie boy daddy, needless to say, we will be learning the mountains for the first time together. Exciting!!

yup! Z was at our wedding:)
Well, I have to feels good to be back!! I can't wait to get around to all of your blogs & catch up! I'm doing some serious cleaning in google reader, as I have just realized that I'm not getting update feeds & missing out on some great posts, and well, I HATE that!!
Hugs & Love

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Sarah said...

Hahaha that gator pic is cracking me up! :D Yay for soccer mom and kindergarten! I love that you have MOUNTAINS in the background of the field!