Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hey friends

blogging slump anyone?? I have resorted back to my ole bloggy ways of just being a blog reader. Nothing else. I have been in such a writing funk, that I haven't even been leaving comments.sorry. But dude, I have been reading some new ahhhhhmazing blogs. You know the feeling when you start to read a new blog for the first time & you just don't wanna stop? I love me, that feeling. Perhaps tomorrow's post will include a little diddy about some new great reads...

I have been struggling with what I want with this blog to be. When I first started blogging I called this blog faith or fear & I was trying to write some posts on the not so wonderful stories of my wonderful life. I wanted to be open & real with people. I have always been the kind of person who hides her truths and I wanted this blog to be my truth. Now, I had no clue how to blog or even what blogging really meant. I didn't know about blog hops or that a community like FTLOB even existed. I was just gonna write & if someone wanted to read that would be amazing, but if not then I was still gonna write. I got myself an entracard & i'm pretty sure at the beginning the only  people reading my blog where people who hit it up thru entracard{are any of you still here?:)}. Then I posted a comment on Frecks blog, she came & visited my blog & introduced me to a whole new world of writing & connecting with people. I started to focus more on the Mommy stories of my life, changed my blog name, & made some real connections with people. Within the connecting with people, I kinda lost my courage to write my not so wonderful stories & found myself writing posts that I thought other people may enjoy, & not necessarily what I wanted to be writing. Is this making sense? Anyways, the point I am trying to make here is that I am going to go back to what I originally wanted this blog to be...while still keeping it the way it is. I am going to start to include more posts like this one while still writing about my everyday mommy adventures. Sound good?

Just a huge thank you to my readers. You guys are amazing for sticking with me:) You all have given me the  confidence I have always lacked. I'm so grateful for all of you & am honestly inspired by the creativity you all have. Happy Thursday, beautiful friends. xo my playlist back.yay!


Megan said...

Blogging is definitely best when you blog about what is in your heart, whether is wonderful or not so wonderful. That's always what draws me to a blog!! I love your blog! I have kinda been in a little slump, too. It's okay!

Ashley said...

:( Slumps are no fun. :( I've been browsing your blog, and you seem like one pretty awesome blogger! Maybe you'll feel inspired to write after taking some time to yourself to read and reflect! :)

I look forward to sticking around to read MORE from you! (I love finding mama's of boys! I have one sweet baby boy myself!)

Haley K said...

I with you and LOOOOOOOOVE finding new great blogs to soak up :) And it sounds like the break was kind of good for you Sherri :) Glad you're back and ready to share! A balance of the great and the not-so-great (life is definitely both) sounds perfect :) sometimes i find myself writing/posting for others too and i have to remember why is started my blog...a journal for my family to look back on :) And I'm glad you've made so many great connections! blog-land is such a great network :)

Hope you have a great day and i look forward to your next post!


PS - thanks for entering and being up for the pay it forward challenge! :)

Haley K said...

PS - the new blog header is ADORABLE :)

Ashley said...

Sherri I am feeling the SAME way! I'm totally in a slump. I feel like my blog is not authentic and feel like I'm not sure what the heck I'm even doing. I've been reading too but my comments are lagging. I'd love to hear what you are reading, I need inspiration!