Thursday, February 16, 2012


Social media amazes me. It makes me wish I was 10 years younger. That's the generation that grew up with the internet. They know it as well as we know what it was like to have to bookcover your school books, because they were at least 5 years new or something. Seriously. I would have loved to have grew up with the internet at my fingertips.

I'm pretty sure I would be a different person. A smarter person. The internet has defiantly made me smarter. I mean, my hubby & I watch TED video's together all the time. They educate us, right?! Facebook...I have a love/hate relationship with. I love how easy it is for me to keep in touch with my family. To be able to see my cousin's baby's & for my parents to see my babies, so easily. But I hate it...because I think it's like a brag book. People only post the good shit going on in their life. No body hangs out their dirty laundry on facebook. At least, nobody in my generation. I think my generation still feel the effects at how terrible our parents were with communication. I mean what the hell was wrong with those baby boomers...I mean, my generation is better, but we are nothing compared to the new up & coming generation that does feel comfortable airing their dirty laundry on facebook & everything else. 

Twitter, I love. I think it is hilarious that we can keep up with celebrity's that easily. I had a few tweet backs from some people that I really like & consider famous, & let me tell ya, it totally made my day. See, that's the other thing with my generation. We grew up with famous people being untouchable. I mean, paparazzi wasn't even anything like what we see know (or maybe I should ask NKOTB this}. I once got a snail mailed picture of "the rocket"  when I was in elementary school. That was a prize pocession, let me tellya.
serioulsy. exact picture
Oh but the internet has also provided us a whole new platform for bullying. It has to end. My heart breaks every time I hear of kids being bullied. It's killing kids. Literally. It has to end. I want to help find a way to take control of what is happening with our children, with my children. And on that note I am going to go "cuggle" with my boys. My babies.

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