Thursday, December 30, 2010


Okay seriously. These boys of mine got way too much "stuff" at Christmas. So why then, are they constantly, & I mean constantly, bugging at me? I just don't get it. It got so intense this morning with mommy I wants, that I finally screamed "HOLY CROWFEET PEOPLE, I'M ABOUT TO FREAKIN LOSE IT". It didn't help at all. All it did was cause Z to run around the house screaming "freakin lose it. Freakin lose it." Lovely.

I'm made this Cranberry Salsa & I can't stop eating it. It's kinda reaching the disgusting point seeing as I'm eating straight out of the bowl now. No chips or nothing. It's just so damn good & pretty. I could never turn anything pretty down. Cranberries in general I have been inhaling, lately. Can't get enough of them. They are so delish in baking, & my pee has never been such a bright yellow!!  Tmi tmi, I know:)
Lemon cranberry loaf
I have this amazing girlfirend who is children's performer. She works for a Treehouse now company & every time she comes to our city she invites my family to go see the show. The boys get to go back stage & meet the characters & everything. They have already meet Max & Ruby, Franklin & his gang, & next week we will get to meet Toopy & Binoo(which both boys can hardly wait for). We then have her over for wine & supper (by far my favorite part). She comes about 4 times a year & she is coming next week & I can not wait to see her!! I so so miss my girlfriends!!

I'm really hating the cold this year. Seriously, why do I live here?! Well, I know why I live here; cuz of hubby's job, but seriously I want to become a 'snowbird', so badly. Live here during the summer months & winter somewhere hot. Sigh, a dream indeed. Speaking of hot places...

I am going to bitch, again, about reading everyone's status updates on fb about going somewhere hot this winter. And, it's not only on fb. My mom is going to the Dominican. I have one sister n law going to Mexico, my other sister n law going to Jamaica(damn her!), several of my cousins & girlfriends are hitting the beach & me at home, freakin freezing my ass off. Pity party, please!! Honestly though, I am happy for them I just wish I was going too, ya know...


msposhb said...

Stopping by via the weekend/Saturday hop to say hello and to follow.
Happy New Year!

Vic said...

I can't help but laugh when our kids mock/copy much as they may bug the shit out of us, they also make us laugh so hard and the cold here in sw fl wont warm ya up! it's been so cold....i know not colder than y'all but once you get used to 80-90, 50 seems Freeeezing!:) have a nice eve!