Thursday, February 24, 2011

Girl talk

When I was young & single I use to go out with my girlfriends every Thursday night. We would go for drinks & munchies & some pretty major girl talk first, then back to one of our places to watch our "Thursday night shows". I loved me my Thursday nights & I miss them. Especially this particular Thursday because I have something I need to talk about. I need advice, understanding...something, I don't know. I'm totally confused with myself. So lovely blog friends, tonight I am putting you to work, because we are going for drinks & munchies & some GIRL TALK. Thankya:)

First things first....Cranberry martini's all around, please

And munchies, can't forget the munchies. 

Okay, we good?? Perfect. Let's chat. This is my issue...I have this "friend" well, she's kinda friend. I first meet her when we moved her, almost 6 years ago. She is my sister n law's bff. She is, honestly, one of the nicest people. She has helped me alot since I have moved her with thrifting me things & inviting to all of her girlfriend events, & our kids really enjoy playing with each other. She has done NOTHING to me, ever, except be extremely nice to me. My problem, I can't seem to stand to be in the same room as her. I have no idea why. There have been other people, sure, who I also couldn't stand to be in the same room with, but I had my reasons. Some serious reasons. But this girl... I have no reasons. When I mentioned it to D, he thought maybe I was jealous of her. Maybe. I mean she does have alot to be jealous about...brand new beautiful home, perfect head of blonde hair, a hubby who adores her...this chick goes on 5 vacations a year. Hell ya, she has alot for me to jealous about. But so do alot of my other girlfriends. They have all those things & more & I never feel like running out of the house when I see their number come up on my phone. It's seriously really bothering me. I have always considered myself a pretty open minded person, & these feelings I have been having about her, are making me feel like an extremely shallow person. Ugh. On top of it, I'm feeling tired about keeping up this "act" that I enjoy being around her. I have even considered delating her from fb, because he status updates annoy me. Wow, could I sound any more terrible? Am I just becoming a bitter ole lady? I honestly hate feeling this way towards her...I have even found myself wishing that she would just do something, that would justify my feelings. 

So tell me, am I just plain terrible? Do I continue forcing myself to hang out with her, or should I just let it go?? So confusing. I think I need a shot:)
Thanks friends. Let's do this again soon:)xo


Donna said...

Well first of all, don't beat yourself up. There are at least I think there are, some people who for some reason unable to be tolerated. Trust me, usually if you can't figure it out, it'll come in time. It's called instinct and they're usually pretty dead on. I've met people everyone thought were the bees knees but i just had that "feeling" that was later vindicated when the person turned out to be not quite right. I dunno sweetie, maybe she's awesomeness but she represents or reminds you of someone or something else? Good luck figuring that one out!

Monica said...

Don't feel bad. We all have someone like this in our lives!
Stopping by to meet a new friend and follow.
Please stop by and visit mine. Fab Friends Friday.

Crystal said...

Yep...take a shot, that always helps. Ya know...some people just rub me the wrong way...but I can usually pin-point the annoying tendency that has me running for cover. But some people jsut don't "mesh". Not sure if that helps at all. You know "too perfect" bugs me too...maybe that's it. Like, be real or something...not everything is gumdrops and rainbows. Crap-storms happen...and we want to hear about them!!!

Kimberley said...

I'm a day late sorry. Sometimes people just don't "click" I know several great women but I just can't see myself hanging out with them. Don't be too hard on yourself and follow your gut feeling. New follower here from Boost My Blog Friday, drop by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!


Allison said...

Hello, I'm new here. You're a woman and usually our instincts are correct about things. She may seem so perfect on the outside, but she probably has something she's hiding and you can sense it. If pretending is making things harder for you then you should distance yourself atleast for a little while that will probably help, just don't be rude about it. You will figure it out in time just be patient with yourself!! I wish you lots of luck!!

Vic said...

i could use a drink along with you! i feel that there are certain people, nice or not who just don't click with us and it's just that way with a lot of people! some you love, some you don' has nothing to do with jealously- in fact i hate that word! there is nothing to be jealous about-envy is another thing! some people we just can't relate to...act and be yourself around them-don't pretend to be someone you aren't...if you aren't in the mood for the chit chat, escort yourself, say whatever you feel and thats dat! xo i'd like to see this header-BTW...whats up with that?

TexaGermaNadian said...

You are totally not jealous, I just think that some people rub us the wrong way for no reason at all. Just chemistry, I think. If it makes you feel any better, if I were there with you sharing drinks and appys (which, btw, AWESOME way to start the post, too cute), I'd 'hate' her with you. Ya know, cause thats what friends do :)
You rock for linking up to the hop. I hope you are finding some good new reads. Have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

I'd LOVE to have drinks and snacks with you!! Anyway, if you don't like her then you don't like her. I would try to avoid her when you can. I had a girl in our group of friends that drove me nuts. After a few years (ha!) I like her more. :)

Heavenly Savings said...

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Ashley said...

uhh that is a lot to be jealous of, ughh..I guess the best thing is to see if that is the real reason. Would you want someone to not want to be around you just because you were happy? I hope not..but I understand why its hard:(
Anyways..just wanted to pop in and say hello and hope to get to know you better in the blogging world

Katie said...

Sherri - You are not a bad person at all for having these feelings. Believe me! I know that I've been that person for someone else in my life. So putting myself in the girl's shoes I'd say be honest. Maybe not too honest to her face, but the best thing is to slowly pull away. There's no reason you should force yourself to spend time with someone you do not want to be with. Don't be scared,it's your life. Then I've also been in your shoes and those are the actions I took. I tried to make it a slow and seamless 'falling out'. Everyone wins :)


Marie said...

I think there are some people who just aren't a good fit for us -- it just "feels" wrong. And there's nothing wrong with that, it just is. I would move away from the relationship without making a big deal out of it (so you don't unnecessarily hurt feelings) and don't make yourself feel bad -- we all have these type of situations in our lives :-)

I'm a new follower :-)


-Mallori said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I'm sorry that I linked up to a different story than today, I just felt like my stories of Valentine's day was a little better for the blog hope!

Concerning your post, I feel for you. I have had similar feelings toward people before. I too have had no reasons for my feelings or actions. I wish I had advice for you, but I honestly think that it is a normal feeling that many people feel (for no reason). I hope you can find some peace through it all!

Patricia said...

I have been reading some of your post and your boys are lovely. And remind me a lot to my girls.
There are people that we feel more confortable than with others. My tip is not to think about this idea more, it just going to make you feel uncomfortable. And just be thankful for the great moments you have enjoy with that person.
A new follower.

Sonja said...

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