Monday, February 7, 2011

love letter

Dear Wy. You are perfectly perfect & now you are 2. You were the missing piece to our "family puzzle". In all the chessiest of ways, you complete me....actually, you even do better then that, you completed us. You complete our family.

You have the quite the personality, lil mister. You can & do make everyone & anyone laugh. I had no idea a 2 yearold could be as funny as you.  Yup, you are a super funny lil dude. Your shy in public.... You tend to just chill back with mom & take it all in. At home is where you let loose. You can get pretty wild playing tag or hide n go seek with your bro. But you also love to watch Barney & cuddle with your blankie & drink milk. You are a little singer. You love to watch Fiest & her 1234 monster song & believe it or not, your absolute favorite song is fireworks by Katy Perry. I smile everytime u ask"momma, I watch firework?" I mean really... I have no idea if it appropriate that u watch it or not, but when u ask, I just can't say no.
Your best friend is, hands down, your big brother. Wow. You love him will remind u of this, always. You honestly think, he is the cat's meow
You started talking very young. Had some words even before you were 1 & talking in 5 word sentences by the time you were 18months(I have all your words written down for you in your scrapbook, in the order that u started saying them. First word, happy.) We joke, that you taught yourself to talk so quickly, to be able to communicate with Z. You will drop whatever it is you are doing, just to go sit beside him. You fight sometimes. Your brothers, after all. But I have to say the cutest thing for 
me to watch is when u & Z have a spat & then apologize to each other. Once the sorry's are all said & done, one of you will ask the other "partners?" & the other one always answers "yup" & that's it. Back to being best buds. I dreamed of this.  The moment daddy said "it's a boy. We have another boy, a brother for Z", I pictured it right then.  You & Z as best men as each other weddings. Brothers. Everyone told me not to get my hopes up. Just because they are brothers doesn't mean they are going to be friends, they said. But we showed them. Tttthhh, not going to be friends!

Now, just because you idolize your big bro, does not mean that your are exactly like him. Oh no. 
You are very different. You, my dear, are much more reserved. Z, is a jump in with both feet right now, kinda are more like, let me just step back, watch what everyone else is doing, & then I will decide if I want to participate, kinda kid. I love that about you. Z loves the outdoors. Even in the freezing cold winter. You would much rather stay inside with momma & you think it's just "cazy" to go outside when it's snowing. Lol. I tell people if they want to see the difference between you & Z, just to go look at your bedrooms. Z's room is all over the place. Random books everywhere, even more random toys everywhere... he's always running in & out of his room. Your room....your room, is awesome. Very tranquil. A little mood lightening, a waterlamp that swishes pretend jellyfish around. You fall asleep to instrumental GNR baby music or Robert Munch reading some of his books. You have a few select toys, but mostly your favorite blakents, your favorite books, and lots of cuddly teddy's live in your room.

Happy 2nd birthday, baby. We made it 2 years. I can not wait to see what all is in store of us this year! On Saturday, at exactly 5:30am, I grabbed you from your crib & pulled you into bed with me & daddy. We sang happy birthday to you & hugged & kissed you & remember the very moment 2 years ago that we met you. You were so giggly. Like you new that something special was happening. Then, you wiggled your way on top of me & feel asleep. You, Wy, are my special gift. I am thankful every day for you. For your smile, for your lil toes, just. for. you. Thank you...thank u for making my life complete! Now, onto the terrible two's!!!!!


Mollie said...

"chessiest of all ways". This is a great phrase. Hope to use it someday.

Found you on FTLOB's Love Letter Challenge 2011.

Katie said...

I absolutely love this. It's beautiful and real. You're such an amazing/inspiring person. Just so you know.. I have a special award on my blog for you today. I hope you'll stop bye and smile :)



TexaGermaNadian said...

What a sweet sweet letter to your little one. You have to print this out and put it in his scrapbook :)

KY said...

What a wonderful idea Texa!! This letter is so beautiful you made my heart smile :o)

Branson @ Reflection of Something said...

Aww! This is a wonderful letter for your special little boy! I write letters to mine too, and can't wait til he can enjoy them! Well, actually I could wait a long time because I love having my tiny guy, but you know what I mean ;)

Heather said...

I'm following you from the hump day hop! I'm glad you found us. You have an adorable family! Look forward to reading more of your blog.

Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands! and Lynhea Designs

Ashley said...

Aww this is so sweet. I love the baby pictures, he was a gorgeous little baby! Great letter. xo