Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday wishing

I'm working on a 'cleaning out my closet' post. I was hoping to link it up today at FTLOB, but I was so freakin tired last night, I didn't get it finished:( I'll keep working on it & post it as soon as I have it completed. Soooo, for today I decided to link up with Brooke at Bright Wishes. She is adorable & who wouldn't love some middle of the week wishing?! So on that note..... I so wish I was doing this.....

Then, after my walk on the beach, I wish I could eat these

I'm not loving my hair these, I wish my hair looked like this

juuuuuust joking!! I meant more like this...

I wish I had 2 lil boys that looked just. like .this
Oh wait, they are mine!! Sweet, at least I got one of my wishes:)
Happy Wednesday, friends:)


Brooke said...

I love those curls !! Great wishes :D

Ashley said...

Haha you are too cute. That hair is hilarious. And your boys are sure cute!

Vanessa said...

lol..i want rhianna's hair too!!!
ummmm nacho's...YUM!