Sunday, February 27, 2011


Any body need a coffee?? Ooo how I love my morning coffee. And I swear it just tastes that much more delish on a Sunday morning, no? It's after 8am & my crazy  adorable children are still sleeping! Sweet!! Hubby had to go in early for work yesterday morning. Overtime.  Which I bitch about (i love our cozy saturday mornings as a fam) until the paycheck comes in & then I'm all smiles. That man works hard for us. Sigh. I'm lucky....Anyways, we are enjoying us all being together this morning.
Thanku all for the awesome comments on my post, the other day. I loved reading them, & seriously felt so much better about things. Y'all gave me some great stuff to think about, & am wondering if maybe she DOES remind me of someone from my past, that  I had issues with. Yikes. If that is the case, totally not fair to her. I'll definatley spend some time mediating over that:)
So, due to my last post, I got confirmation that D does in fact read my blog!! When he got home from work on Friday & da boyz were in bed, we were enjoying a cold one, he said "so, what did u mean...when u said she has a hubby that loves her...u don't??" I felt my face going deep purple(which so rarely happens) while my brain screamed 'omg, omg, he reads your blog'! I think I giggled nervously & reassured him that's totally not what I meant, obviously. He just laughed, cuz he new that I was freakin, & told me that he doesn't read it often, but checks in from time to time to "find out what is going on in my wife's head", lol! He also said he wouldn't read it anymore if I didn't want him to. I assured him to read it when he wants, I was just more comfortable with the idea of not really knowing if he read it, then with absolutely knowing that he does. But it's cool...he's cool:) lol!
My family~D, Z, WY & I (Ha! How funny does that sound?!)~ we live in Calgary, Alberta. My family~Mom, Dad, brother, Sis' n law, & neice~ all live back home, in the Maritimes. My bff lives there too... on PEI. She has made a big huge change in her life today. A extremely difficult change. And I wish so badly that I could be there with her. Seriously, hurting for her. But hurting for her in a good way, because I know that as hard as all of this been(& it has been excruciating at times), that what she is doing today will change her life forever, for the better. This chick has been amazingly strong over the last couple of years & I am excited for everything that life has in store for her. Every woman deserves a friend like this girl.... I love ya babes & I can't wait to TALK to you once you are feeling settled....xoxo

While D has the boys outside, shovelling snow(will it ever stop?) I'm heading over to FTLOB because, fortheloveofblogs
Happy Sunday, peeps! Love & hugs


Riley said...

Nothing's better than a morning coffee! I'm about to run to Dunkin' Donuts myself for and iced coffee. :) I found you over at FTLOB! :) Don't you just love comment love day? Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Mollie said...

Mmm, coffee. Morning coffee, late afternoon coffee. I think I'll have some now.

Every once in a while, my husband will read my blog, get caught up. He never says anything, though. Huh.

Happy Sunday!

Mrs. Sherman said...

Love it! This could totally be my post! I didnt think my hubby read my blog either until he confronted me in the exact same way the other day when I had said in one of my posts that he gets mad when I get sick, he said ugh, what else do you say in there, then yesterday he was eating a tomato and the picture got posted, he was so embarrassed! I am a new follower!

ixy said...

I don't think my husband reads my blog either, but maybe he does after all and I just haven't said anything to elicit a reaction haha!

I wish I liked coffee since so many people get such pleasure from it, but I get my caffeine buzz from chocolate. Strangely coffee at 8AM seems to be less frowned-upon than chocolate though. I wonder why? Caffeine and sugar = caffeine and sugar right?

Visiting from FTLOB :)

Ashley said...

Ha I get all nervous when my hubby reads my blog too!

Morgan said...

I would have been so nervous if my man said that, racking the brain if I had ever written anything crazy. I have friends that read mine but do not ever comment and they'll shoot a text or call and say something like that back. Freaks me out since you forget they know you're constantly writing! Happy Sunday

Meri said...

My boyfriend reads my blog like one big chunk at a time. He's made the case before that we live together all of the time, and I think sometimes reading my blog is a bit redundant for him :)
Neat blog! I can't wait to read some more.
Cheers! (with a big mug of coffee!)

Debbie said...

oh I can so relate to the hubby reading the blog thing. Often times, I have to watch the things I say because he may see it. hahahaha.
Glad to know I'm not the only one.