Sunday, April 24, 2011

cupcakes & stitches

I was thinking of you all today, hoping that you were all enjoying your easter! 
Yummy! They are lemon!
notice the one in the back made by the 2 yearold

To say things didn't go as planned would be an understatment....instead of going to celebrate easter with an egg hunt & eat a yummy turkey dinner on Saturday night{with D's family}, we were at the children's hospital with Wy.... he slipped in the tub & split his chin wide freakin open.... it was not a pretty site, friends. This momma didn't handle it too well, letmetellya. I freaked. The tub water looked as though jaws attacked...there was crying from everyone...a quick call to auntie to pick up big brother{so that he, at least, could go enjoy the easter fun} and we were off to the hospital for our first.ever. stitches...I felt so terrible for my baby, & they really could have been stitching me up...I had never had stitches before{other then surgery related} & since becoming a mommy to 2 boys, I have been dreading the day. I was just hoping it wasn't going to happen on a holiday or to my 2 yearold. He was so brave... my lil man...we had to spend 6 hours at the hospital & he got 3 stitches. I took that someday I can show him how he got that scar on his chin & tell him how absolutely brave he was 
on the car ride to the hospital, ice pack in hand
with the patch on, that will numb his chin
3 stitches. Done & finished
finally at home in Elmo jammies & a bottle
of h20
out. it was a rough day
Yeah so, not exactly at all what I had planned...but what canyado, you can plan & plan but then shit life happens & ya just gotta go with it. I'm just so thankful that it was just a couple of stitches & not something worse. I tell ya though, I didn't sleep that good last night. Lots of mommy guilt{I insisted he take a bath} & this morning after our fun easter actitives my hubby pulled me aside{as he was dealing with some dadda guilt...he was in the bathroom at the time of said slipping} & he showed me this video. It  helped put things in perceptive for me & made me very grateful for my hubs. Very grateful. The message was exactly what I needed.

We had a great day today though. We had our good friends over for brunch & a big egg hunt in the backyard. The weather was perfect. The boys both feel asleep happy tonight so that is all that really matter to this momma:) xo

easter pics to come is taking for.eva to upload pics tonight


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Madeline said...

Oh no! Sorry he got hurt but really what a brave boy! Hope he'll heal up fast!