Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a side of mouse

This morning @ 6:30  the lil guy that I looked after was getting dropped off, his mom informed me that we a dead mouse on our driveway. Freakin dead mouse, people. Ugh. It was awkward, considering last time she dropped off her son, we had 2 dead birds on our driveway. Seriously.

My neighbors have cats & they let them wander freely outside. They are nice cats...my kids are always happy when they see them. Ya see, what the boys don't know is...these sweet kitty's piss & shit all over our back yard & kill mice & birds & leave the whole mess for me to clean up~i'm not their kitty momma~didn't they get the memo, i'm not a fan of dead things. I don't do well with them at all, actually...and if you were to keep reading the memo it would state on there somewhere that I, in fact, am not a cat lover.*gasp* I know...it's true. Not a fan. For a long time I had no idea why I didn't like the lil buggers...being an animal lover & all...something about them just makes me feel uncomfortable....
Then a few years ago, when the whole fam was in T.O for a wedding, we were staying at my uncle's house...they have a cat. A grumpy, mean cat. I was on edge the whole visit. It's like I thought the cat was going to attack me in my sleep or something...anyways, after confessing my true feelings about cats, my dad said something about him not be surprised...what?!? could there be an explanation?! Yes, yes, there is...turns out when I was about 3 or 4 my dad would take me when he went to visit an old{er}friend of his who had a cat & I adored it. One visit, I was petting the nice kitty when it bite me...right thru the fingernail...dad said I went  nutto & after that I would never go back in the house with him. I don't have any memory of this, but it makes sense, no?! Whatever. I'm not a cat fan & here I am cleaning up after cats that aren't even mine. Frown.
 not meant to offend any cat lovers/owners:)


TexaGermaNadian said...

Ewww, dead mouse. The hubs and I were walking around the other day and I saw a dead mouse out of the corner of my eye and screamed so loud. What is wrong with me!? haha.
Aww, you just haven't met the right kitty :) lol

Megan said...

Oh girl, I am SO with you! I am absolutely not a cat fan. Although at least they DO kill stuff. My mom says they always kept the mice out of our house growing up.