Monday, February 20, 2012

My lil miracle

I just re-read this post & it seriously gave me goose bumps, just the memory of it. I wanted to share it here again, just because it is one of my most special stories. I once & only lifetime experience...I want to remember it forever

I'm writing this because I have always wanted to journal this experience. So I am doing it here. Actually, I did write it once but I ended up burning that journal, so I am telling it again:) This honestly, truly happened to me. I kid you not. It was/is one of the most incredible, inspiring, spiritual, experience's that has ever happened to me. Okay, picture it...
It was early April 2006, it was rainy & cold in the city I was living in at the time. I was sitting in a coffee shop, reading the paper, waiting for my bus. I was in the big comfy chair by the fire, watching people coming in & out. This older, stylish, professional lady, whose hair was completely grey, the beautiful shiny kinda grey, caught me watching her come in. She grabbed her coffee & sat directly across from me, in the other big comfy chair We exchanged quick smiles. I went back to reading my paper. She was reading a thick, hardcover novel(Wow, I can't believe the details I can remember). We sat that way for maybe 5 minutes when she asked me if I could read a passage in her book to her out loud. I said certainly. She marked where I was to begin & end. I was nervous, but I have read out loud tons to kids, so I was also feeling kinda calm. I was about 5 words in when I was hit. I was reading about a young woman on a journey, looking to settle, and not really sure how, struggling with who she was. This effin stuff was about me.I was experiencing almost this exact turmoil that was being described. I remember feeling very overwhelmed (and I remember that feeling not leaving). I teared up as I was reading it. I looked up at her, she had her eyes closed. I stopped at her mark. I had read almost half a page. She smiled, thanked me for it reading it to her. She said she was giving a speech later that day and she needed to feel the author, in that moment, to be able to perform her speech the way she intended. I was speechless. I wanted to say something...something  meaningful. But I was speechless. She got up to leave & as she put on her jacket, she turned to me, looked me straight in the eye(she literally made my heart stand still), leaned to me and said"expect a miracle". I looked at her with my mouth open, I swear. I didn't say anything & she was gone. I was in a dreamlike state all day, thinking about what it could have meant. Who was this lady? Was this some kind of random coincidence? I told D & about it that night (he responded with a "freaky") & I called my BFF. I knew she would feel me on this one. She didn't let me down. She felt as touched by something as I did. She was quiet for a moment, and then said"omg, you're going to have a baby". I said "What?? NO. No. No.No" she said "are you late?" & I said  "only 4 days, but I've been stressed" she said "Sher, I'm a mom. The only miracle, is having a baby". I said " I was hoping I was going to win the lottery" she said "Sorry sister"(Swear. This is so so true!). I told D what she said, he responded with a "yikes". This was Friday night. Monday morning we took the test. Yup. Pregnant! 3.5months pregnant. That's right. Had my period the whole time, till the last one. Not a sign of pregnancy(at least I thought so at the time, looking back...there were a couple signs). Found out in April we were pregnant had baby by September 5th. Miracle:)

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Mimi said...

Wow!!! Amazing! This made me cry...but then again, I'm pregs and due any day now;)

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