Saturday, October 23, 2010

I heart Kelle Hampton

I think I touched on it in my first ever blog. That there was a woman that inspired me in this crazy blog world. Oh my, it is 100% Kelle Hampton! Never, have I felt so connected with someone in this virtual world as I do with her, her blog & her family. Seriously. It borders on ridiculous, & my husband can not "get it" at all. But I get it. And so does she!! It's funny. If her & I were somehow in the same community, I am sure we would be friends. So it only makes sense that we are friends in this kind of community, right?! When I first stumbled on her blog, it was a week before her second baby was to be born. I was just getting my toes wet with the blog world, & there she was. Totally, loved her! I can't really explain it, but if I had the creativity, the strength that she has, I would have wrote some of the exact same words as her. I totally understood what she talking about, what she was feeling. Cuz, I was right there too. Once Nella was born her blog kinda took off, & I went right along with it. Happy every time there was a new post from her. At times, I felt that she was writing it to me. Right down to her music choice on her play list. Connected. I read her blog for months, never leaving a comment. Just happy to hear from her & catch a glimpse of her beautiful fam. A couple of months ago, I woke up one morning & decided that today was the day. I would  type out the letter that I had been writing her for months in my head. I did it. She responded back with in 15 minutes. She got it. Sigh. I was so pumped. Even my hubby was stoked for me. So here I am now. Writing my own blog. My own Venting cornor in this virtual world. Cool. Cool.

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