Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rocked it

I went dancing last night. At this crazy, young, dirty dance bar. Every city or town has one. Where everyone says they don't want to go, but secretly do, & always end up there. Yup. That's where we went last night. I was worried that I was going to feel all old & stuff, knowing that it is such a young crowd, but i totally didn't!!! I didn't feel 19, but I didn't feel old. Yay for that!! I think I rocked it. I had fun. I looked good. Felt good. I even brought out the dancing on top of tables Sherri, & she is one of my favorite Sherri's!! Lol. In a way it was strange. Kinda like stepping into a time machine. I felt like I was in the same room with my 19 year old self. It was almost like I was looking for her. I could feel the energy. The drunkenness. I remember when it was me & my gang & seeing the cougars come in & dance their lil hearts out. Honestly, I always liked watching the oldies dance(yes when I was 19 I thought 30 was old. boo me!), they had a certain sense of freedom to them. I couldn't even come to close to understanding that then. But now I get it. I mean hell, I was them last night. I felt free. I wasn't looking for anything except some dance space. At one point I was dancing on the ledge around the dance floor. I had a bird's eye view of the dance floor. All i could see was chaos. It was insane. All this drunk, loud, going crazy young people, just freaking giving it. There were people passed out in one corner, a fight happening in another. Tons of gropping, kissing, grinding, drinks being dropped. Complete chaos. All I could think of was Nope, I do not miss you at all!  It felt liberating, to feel like I was in a completely different spot then i was 10 years ago. I like where I am. Knowing that my husband & kidlets were home in bed. That I would wake up in the morning, drink coffee, play with the kids & beg & plead my husband to give me just a lil nap. A really, really quick one. Please, please.

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