Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Rocks!

Hey peeps! How's Monday treating you, so far?? Monday's are not my favorite(are they anybodys?), but weather I like them or not, they keep showing up every week(buggers). But this Monday, I decided to do something fun...I am going to join in with Megan over at Mackey Madness...who is like, adorable. I don't know her & I even just recently started reading her blog, but it was kinda bloggy love at first sight for me, she just rocks!! Annnnyways, it time for

Okay. So I am to pick a blog that I love & give it a proper shout out, something like" HEY! YOUR BLOG ROCKS!" Well of course it is tough to pick just one so I'm not, I'm picking 2, make that 3 because Megan at Mackey Madness
Mackey Madness
 I think your blog ROCKS!!

I love the lil blonde chickee at TexaGermaNadian.
TexaGermaNadian: My Life in 3 Countries
 She is hilarious. Seriously. I always, always look forward to reading her posts & she never lets me down. She is a texas girl married to a Canadian(woot!) hockey player & is currently living in Germany where her hubby's contract is. I can't do her justice...u really need to go check her out, for yourself. Besides being funny, & having great taste in men( he's canadian, c'mon!) she is also quite talented with the technical side of the blog world too...she just had a button & header giveaway. Maybe if you bug her enough ask her nicely, she'll have another giveaway, or something! Texa girl,  your blog ROCKS!

Okay, if u love love, then u need to meet Katie at Love with Katie
Love with Katie

She really & truly shows that Love is everywhere. She features love stories daily. Some of the most beautiful love stories. I have enjoyed reading She is just one of those beautiful soul's, ya know. She is the first one to leave people warm, heartfelt comments on any kind of blog post. Amazing, right?! She is just about to begin a 29 day journey of giving. So if you haven't following her so far, then now's the time my friends. Plus this girl can ROCK a circle scarf(&her blog)!!

Yay!! This really did make my Monday seem less like a Monday. What's better then writing about blogs you love to read! Me thinks, this is a great idea Megan!! I hope did it right!?!


Megan said...

Oh my gosh, first of all, thank you SO much for linking up with me today!! It really made me SO happy when I saw that you had! : ) You are adorable and I cannot thank you enough for your sweet words. You literally made me blush and smile. THANK YOU!!

I love Katie's blog, too! I have never heard of the other one, so I'm going to check it out!


Thanks for your comment in my blog page. I'm your newest fan here.

TexaGermaNadian said...

Ummm, have I told you how awesome you are (or even how awesome you Canadians you are?!?!). Thank you so much for the shout out, that really, really made my evening. And BTW, I feel like such a fool. I honestly thought I was 'following' you this whole time, and you just hadn't been posting. Turns out, when I did try to follow about 2-3 weeks ago, it didn't work. I really apologize. I hope you are having a good Monday, and again, you just made my evening. You rock!

Katie said...

Sherri, I simply love you.. love love love you!! I would hug you if I could so if you're feeling down (which i hope you're not).. but just know that I've sent a big hug your way. I'm only 5'2" but I give bear hugs!! You made my day, honestly without a doubt. Monday sure does rock, today at least, right? :)

I hope tomorrow rocks too!!!

Megan said...

hii! thank you so much for coming by my blog and for following!!!

Your boys are so cute! I would be thrilled with a house full of boys :)

we seem to have some things in common..I work in the early childhood neuroscience field..i love it.


Ashley said...

I love blog recommendations! Thanks for all your sweet comments this week. XO