Monday, November 29, 2010


 I'm feeling rather down in the shitter lately. I don't really know what's up. I'm usually bubbly, happy. And overly optomistic. So when this feeling of 'woe is me', washes over me, I'm not really sure what do with it. Besides put on my slippers. Because if one thing can make me feel just a little cozy on the inside, it's my slips. But even they are not living up to their magic today. Maybe they are feeling a little in the shitter themselves. I'm not usually a bitchy person, & I wont write a whole lot of bitchy posts, but I'm going to today. I'm going to bitch & bitch & bitch, about whatever bugs me. Wait for it.
I have threatened a million time to delete  my facebook account. Like seriously dudes, the whole site needs to be renamed bragbook. On a daily basis I feel this way .On a daily basis that site just proves me right again & again. But I especially hate fb this time of year. Because this time of year brings out those snooty, rubbit in my face updates of "15 more sleeps till i'm on the beach" or "heading to jamica today"or "I'm so sunburned & drunk from all my free drinks that I have sipping all day on the beach". Gag. Like, who sits down at a computer & writes a facebook update when you are in paradise. I love warm vacations in winter. I have had two my whole life & they were both fan -freaking- tastic! I dream of the day when I can have another one. D & I hope to have a honeymoon someday, & seriously I daydream about it daily. I daydream my vacation while reading about everybody's via fb. Lovely.
Next up. Barbara Walters. Okay, now everybody seems to love this lady. But really, I think she is so freakin square. It really irks me when she tries to cover something over, or tries to smooth things over with the girls on the View. Like Sherri & Elisabeth will not be agreeing with something, or whatever the case may be, & Walters interrupts saying something like "we all really love each other, we really really do". Like, HA! Please, give me a break Barbara. I tune into to this show everyday(blushing. I so do!) to watch 4 women with 4 views talk about topics that I like. I like to watch them defend themselves & argue their point. And WHOOPI is one of the girls! She is some sorta cool, I tell ya. I love her!!
This isn't so much of a bitch thing, but this really odd mommy incident happened to me the other day. I was at the school picking up one of the boys that I babysit. It was me, my 2 littles, & another 6 year old. It was cold. And I had to parked far away, so I was hurrying the boys along. I knew they were all dressed warmly but I wasn't paying that much attention I guess, because this other mom stopped the kid that I look after & fixed his toque & scarf & didn't even acknowledge me. I was so weirded out! Like what the hell?!His hat was a lil crooked & his scarf was only loosely wrapped around his neck, but to stop us? And then not even look at me, I don't know freaked me out. I'm guessing I broke some kinda mommy law or something. Of course, a law written by her alone.  I was looking forward to seeing her today at the school , but she wasn't there. So I guess I'll have to wait to tomorrow. I'm going to make a point to catch her eye & just smile, baby. Peace out!

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