Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Mommy to 2 boys. 

That's me. Personally, I love not having the typical million dollar family. 1 boy. 1 girl. No, that's not what was in the cards for me. I think anything that has the word million in it, isn't for me. Lol. And well let's just say anything with the word typical in it, doesn't really fit  me. I'm not typical. My kids aren't typical. My marriage isn't typical. Nope, there isn't a whole lot typical about me. Except when it comes to being mommy. Then I get really typical. Typical mommy worries. Typical mommy coffee drinker. Typical broke mommy. Yes, I can get way to typical in that catagory. 

But just because I'm not typical doesn't mean that I'm not cool! Remember in highschoool when all the "different" type of kids were totally NOT cool. That's right, at least in my highschool, if you didn't wear french bagging jeans, claim that you were going to keep your legs tightly closed until marriage, and sit with the kids who sat in the cool landing above the stairs, well then, people will be nice to you. But you are not cool. Sorry, dude. I once tried to sit there. At the cool landing. As soon as I sat down this guy turn to me & said sorry dude, that's seat taken. Now, if I was really cool I would have caught up & gave him the finger or flashed my tits & said now who is calling who a dude. But no. I hung my head. Probably went in the bathroom & cried. Who knows. But alot of those kids who were different in highschool, have turned out to be pretty damn cool. Once you got to know them outside those ugly brick classroom walls. And the cool kids. Well, they are probably living there typical little lives, with their perfect typical little children, in their perfectly typical little house, with their beautiful typical husband/wife, & they are all probably miserable. Typically. 

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