Thursday, November 25, 2010

Purple Cake

It was my birthday yesterday! My boys made me a purple cake!!! It was delicious. Perfect!!
 It's funny to me that I have no interest in  celebrating my birthday, anymore. I remember all to clearly, the days of planning out my  big day well into the next day. I have memory after memory of drinking with the girls & dancing. I always tried to dance on my birthday. A little present to me from me. I did yesterday too. A huge dance party, right here in the living room. With my boys. Rocking out to Will Smith. Men in Black. Z loves that video right now. And I love the man singing it, so it's a win win! I said it before, and I will say it again & again, getting older is so not what thought. I'm not really sure exactly what I thought getting older would be like. But I definitely believed that when you hit a certain age, you just got smarter. When you're mature. When you're  a wife. When you're a mom. Then you get all the answers to life, see?! Mmm, right! But one thing I have been able to finally grasp in my 30's is those answers that I have always beensearching for, do come to you. But only as you learn the lesson. All of my lifes valuable lesson's that I have learned, I've learned them only after I lived thru them, ya know. It's funny. I also thought, that as soon as you had your first baby, you got older & you looked older. So, when I first had Z & I still remained pretty hip(or at least I think so!Lol), I thought I escaped it. That somehow my 30's would be in numbers only. Not the case. My 30's are becoming more important to me all the time. I don't wish them away. Because in my 30's, with being a momma, I have got to relive being a child. And I swear, believing in Santa was the best, but playing Santa is way better!! Peace out

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