Friday, November 19, 2010

My love story

On our very first date. D told me that he was for sure never getting married, & never having kids. I could ask any one of his friends, & they would tell me this. He assured me. I think I just smiled. But I can't believe I keep sitting there. Well, yes I can. I was already crazy about him. We had worked together for 2 years, each of us dating other people the whole time. Worked to together but didn't hang out, or anything. Then we ended up on a work place curling team. I never curled. He was pretty good. He was the skip. We hung out. We curled. Drank beers. Fell in love. I knew that he was going to be my husband from that very first date on. I guess that's why I kept sitting there. I can't really explain it, it was just a deep gut feeling. Intuition, maybe. It doesn't matter, I just new. The beginning of our relationship was weird. I was the happiest I had ever been every single time I hung out with him. I loved every moment of it. But on the other hand I was dealing with a very messy(thanks to me)breakup.That turmoil lasted for the first 2 & half months of our relationship. Then things were really good. Peaceful. We worked. We hung out. We banged. We laughed.  Those few months were awesome. Then wha bam, I got preggers. It was a shock! A crazy, crazy shock. I remember those moments as if they were yesterday. The test. Sitting together waiting. The positive sign. The speechlessness. The crying. We both went to work. I felt like I was a different person. I had life inside of me. What the hell. That whole day was very dreamlike. I wasn't panicked or fearful or anything. Just very very numb. Unsure of what I should do. Can I still eat the Mcdick's I was planning to, or a bran muffin & fruit or something... My world had just changed in front of my eyes. I guess maybe, I was a little in shock. D & I didn't say much about it those first few days. We snuggled together alot . He drank. A 40 of Rye in 3 days. The next day. When the Rye was all gone. He sat on the bed with me & said "I'm in if u are." I looked back, smiled & told him "definitely in." That was that. We were going to be parents. Together. A family. We moved. We had our baby & we fell more in love with each other. Married each other. We still love each other. I can still feel the flame burning!
Although at lest once a day I wish I had a cold bucket of water to throw on it. Like seriously, how can we speak the same language & he only get 50% of what I am saying? I swear he heard a 100% of it when we were dating!!!!!


ceemee said...

That's a nice love story... it's nice that married couples fall even deeper in love every single day. :-)

Sherri said...

Aw, thanks! We defiantely don't have the "traditional" love story, but it's our love story & it felt really nice to share it:)

Creative Chaos @ Kidscreatefun said...

Oh how things change. Like the 50%/100% remark.
Following you from Bloggy Moms.

tawna6988 said...

I love you story, made me smile and remember the beginning of mine and my husbands dating etc.

Stopping by from Bloggy Moms and am your newest follower. Hope to see you by my blog too.
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Sherri said...

Well, thanks for the comments ladies! I checked all your blogs & am following all of them!! Thanks for checking me out:)!!