Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Ok, So. I've been thinking, since this blog has turned into a personal space for me. It's time you get to know me a little better. So here is a fun list of 50 things about me.

1) I was born & raised in the smallest province in Canada
2) I left when I was 20
3)Now I live in one of the biggest City's in Canada.
4)I'm not a big fan of the city
5)I'm momma to two boys. Z who is 4 & Wy who is so close to turning 2:(
6)I have been married for almost 3 years
7)My husband, D, & I use to work together
8)we fell in love while on a workplace curling team
9) I was not good at curling
10)he was one of the best curlers in the league
11) I was raised on a farm
12)so not a farm girl
13)I do not have my appendix
14)or my gallbladder
15)or my tonsils
16)I had c-sections with both boys
17)I have no talents
18)I am up to trying everything at least once
19)My imagination runs rampant. Still.
20)I have a dance party at least once a day
21)I do 10 minutes of Pilates everyday
22)I can knit scarves
23)I always dated younger guys
24) My husband is 2 years older them me
25) I own every book in the Sweet Valley twins series
26)and the babysitters club
27)I think Eminem is one the most talent people ever
28)I have watched the young & the restless for almost 20years
29)I lived in the coldest city in Canada
30)it was so cold, I use to cry waiting for the bus
31)I meet princess Diana when I was in grade 1
32)I meet Alanis Morissette when I was 21
33)I was a gold cup & Saucer girl(don't ask)
34)I have a younger brother
35)we get along, but are complete opposites
36)I have 2 beautiful perfect nieces
37)I'm addicted to pepsi
38)I can tell the difference between pepsi & coke blindfolded anytime, anywhere
39)I have been challenged many times
40)I have been bang on everytime
41)I once cut my hair crazy short & dyed it platinum
42)a coworker said I looked like Roxette
43)I live across the country from my bff
44)we text everyday
45)she has been my bff since grade 1
46)I once worked at a go-cart track
47)a gave away 1000 of free rides to my friends!
48)I love the ocean
49)I have been to Mexico twice
50)I have a piece of toast with cheese whiz, everyday!!!!!!


Francis Hunt said...

"17) I have no talents"

This is simply not true, Sherri - you can write interesting blog posts! :-)

Have a good day!

Sherri said...

Well thank you, Francis! Your comment made my day:)!!