Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy happy Friday

I just won something. I have never won anything. Ever. Let me just tell u what I won. I won, the header giveaway at my FAVORITE blog spot FTLOB. This fantastic community was brought together by Vic, Ashley & Lindsay & they are absolutely freaking ahhhhmazing. I am sure talent oozes out of them, they are that good.  They have saved my lil bloggy life a few times already. My new Header will be from Courtney at One Fine Blog Design & I can not wait to have her beautiful work on my blog. Bahhhhhh, so excited!!!!

Okay. So I'm thinking that today I'm going to keep things light. I have a couple dark intense posts that I need to finish up, some letting-it-go stuff. As much as I am looking forward to reading my emotions in words instead of just feeling them all the time, it just doesn't really go with the mood I am in now. I mean, I just did a air fist pump. Ridiculous happy:) So, I'll give u a lil peek into my personal side. Here is 7 things I bet u didn't know about me....

- My hubby is a retired rock n roller. Haha. He never made it to the "big time" but he was pretty locally famous in his 20's. He is crazy talented when it comes to music. He can hear a song, pick up a guitar & play it. That's right people I was a band groupie for awhile. As much as touring sounds exciting, it really is a very odd reality. He still jams as much as he can, but there's no tours anymore. Just basement playing.

-I met Princess Diana when I was in grade 1. I loved her. I remember for years I had asked my mom if I could change my name to Diana, thinking that would make me a princess. Funny

-I have 2 tattoo's; a sun& moon on my back & a butterfly on my foot. I want more tats. So many more. The next one is going to be my boys names on the back of my neck. Can't wait for that.

-I'm obsessed with purple. It has been my favorite color forever. I try to have as much purple around me as possible, it just makes me so freakin happy. I kinda seek it out. Right now, my favorite is my new purple boots. I wear them everywhere, all the time. Love me my purple boots:). But my forever favorite would be my engagement ring. Love.

-I'm the easiest person to shop for. My husbands hates loathes shopping. When we were only dating a few months he asked me to give a revolving list of things I like. That way if he is ever stumped on my bday or Christmas,  he can go to the "list". My list includes candles, body cream, and candy. U can never go wrong if u get me one of those 3. Never.

-I'm a texting manic. I really probably text way to much. But as a working mom it is the best/fastest way for me to communicate with the outside world. When my phone is working, it gives me anxiety.

-I'm 100% Irish & u can tell. I once had a teacher write in my elementary report card that I was a very promising student but that unfortunately I must have kissed the balarny stone cuz I don't shut up(okay, so I'm sure she didn't say shut up, but that is what she meant)

So there u have it. Now, to pop over to Fab Friend Friday at FTLOB & check out some new fantabulous  blogs they posted. Happy Friday:)


TexaGermaNadian said...

I saw that earlier, congrats!!! Don't you just love them :) And I love that you were your husband's 'Band Aid' Too cute.

Ashley said...

Congrats Sherri!! I can't wait to see the new look. Love the little details about you. :)

Nancy said...

Visiting from the Friday blog hop. So nice to meet you. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.