Monday, January 10, 2011


Ok so, I had met my two gf's for Sunday beers this past weekend. They both are kidless, one just got married & the other is getting married in March. I love these two girls to bits & pieces, but they have no clue how different our lives our. NO CLUE. So, on that note, I am going to vent. I am gonna freaking vent, because no one has clue how difficult my life can be at times....I choose to laugh instead of cry. Right?!

The first thing happens at 10am. Wyatt mysteriously falls off his chair while eating breakfast. Like wtf?! these boys continually smash their heads together, fall down stairs, run & crash( & now he is gurgling blood while sitting down. Really?! He does indeed put a tooth thru his lip(not the whole way thru, but way to damn close for my liking) & his lips bleeds like a facuet for about an hour. During this hour all I want to do is hold my baby & cry with him. But I ice, kiss, wipe his bloody lip instead & whisper that all is ok & that i love him soooo much. My poor lil man.

An hour later, D wants to run to Home Depot to grab some storage containers...."can I have my bankcard, babe?" Oh shit. I can't find his bankcard anywhere. Not in my purse, my jacket or my pants pockets. Great. Spend an hour looking. No bankcard(on a sidenote...I was using D's bankcard because, I, um....*cough*lost mine a couple months ago). An hour searching this house & no bankcard. Now what am I going to do....I place a call my girls who laughs hysterically at me & tell me not to worry to just get my ass there.

Okay. Shower. Dress. Makeup. All I need to do is grab my brand new sweater. Wait. Where the F is my sweater??? Search my closet, spare room closet & the clothes hamper. Sweater is mia. So I ask "babe, have u seen my new black sweater" he answers "mmmmm, no". Shit. I hear the dryer running. Wait. He never does laundry. Ever. I ask "babe, did u put my new sweater in the dryer?" he answers"mmmm, no donthinkso". I look. Yup, there it is. Rolling around my dryer. Stupid sweater. U are not allowed in dryer. I rescue it. Ruined. Too late. Like wtf he never does laundry!!Okay, now this changes my whole outfit. Lovely.

Let the car warm up. Crap. I need gas. Scrounge together my change & come up with enough loonies & toonies to get to the pub & back home. Just like my college days. Lovely.

Roads are terrible. Snow, ice, brutal. I hate driving in these kind of conditions. But I needed those girls & that beer so bad. I stuck it out. Pulled a 360 coming off an exit ramp. Kept going. I am superwoman. Roar.

Get there. Relax. Talk. Eat. Laugh. Make plans to get together in 3 weeks. Once inside the freezing car, I scrap my cute, not so warm, gloves for my big puffy red olympic mitts. Inside, D's bankcard. The one place we didn't look. Worst part, as found it, I remember putting it there. Lovely:)


KY said...

Hi Sherri, thanks for stopping by!

I just acquired a pair of the Canadian gloves from one of my friends who had three. They are very warm, we need some USA ones ;)

Michelle Xo said...

I love these gloves! I just bought some for my hubby from the dollar store (For $10, natch) when we went skating. I feel like even the non-mitt-wearing-Canadians feel obliged to buy them every winter just to show off our great Canadian pride.

Mommying On The Fly said...

OMG... lol.. Sounds like it's action packed.. lol.. but I still can;t get past you get sunday beers with girlfriends.. I'm officially Jealous... and following you back.. heheehee Thanks for linking up to our hops...

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

LOL, your day sounds a lot like mine lately! But at least you made it to beer with friends! I could so use a beer with friedns day but mine are all mommy's and the ones closest to me just ahd babies and are breastfeeding so alas, no beers with friends! Whine!

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